Metrology 3D scanners / 2 pcs

Manufacturer: GOM / Germany

ATOS Core scanners are used especially for making precise three-dimensional measurements for small and mid-sized components.

ATOS Core creates a 3D-surface model from the measured object, which we are then able to use directly in the 3D-modeling or machining process. In addition, the machine and its programming allow using an existing 3D-model in, for example, the process of repairing tools.

With ATOS Core, measurements of small and complex components can be made precisely and efficiently. The measured surface model is used for ensuring the quality and measures, for example, by comparing to a 3D-model.

Main specifications: Type ATOS Core 80
Measuring area 80 mm x 60 mm
Working distance 170 mm
Main specifications: Type ATOS Core 300
Measuring area 300 mm x 230 mm
Working distance 440 mm
3D -Skanneri ja mittalaitteisto
3D -Skanneri ja mittalaitteisto